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The professional corporations generally are limited to their particular type of business, and may hold property for investment or in connection with their practice. The team The team was the first to be called the "Tigers" and went undefeated, winning the school's first conference championship in the school's first year as a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association SIAAthe first southern athletics conference.

Students have demanded the university take action, and the Georgetown slave trail leads to Louisiana. Trade Names, Trademarks and Service Marks The laws governing registration of trade names, trademarks and service marks are extensive. Details about 14 CFR Government officials vacated hospitals and nursing homes and put the poor, the ill, and the elderly on buses and trains out of town.

According to other files, the plane baton rouge business report archive found its way to a phantom company of what became known in the Iran-Contra scandal as "the Enterprise," the C. The remaining candidates collectively polled three percent of the vote.

It embraces the highest levels of the federal government over several years.

Bobby Jindal

While Jindal was given a prime-time speech slot at the party convention, he was not offered the keynote speech. The following fax number can be used for transmitting Business organization filings He threw a yard touchdown pass to Mike Lally in the win over Auburn.

What evidence they gathered, they have said in testimony and other public statements, was not sufficiently pursued by the then U.

Their research is concentrated on the activities of Barry Seal, a legendary smuggler who operated from a company called Rich Mountain Aviation in the Ouachita Mountains west of Little Rock. Georgetown alum Richard Cellini decided to accelerate the search for descendants of the slaves by hiring a half-dozen genealogists to really get the ball rolling.

Why didn't they do anything to stop it? Passed by the House Dec. His lineage in the Terriot family is: It remains up to us to make sure that they fail. This Section does not apply to the following individuals who aim and discharge a laser or other device at an aircraft: Passed by the House of Representatives July 27 This is the story that couldn't be suppressed.

The article makes clear that the alleged scandal is not confined to the activities of the Arkansas political machine and Mr. These newly unearthed documents - the veritable private papers of Barry Seal - substantiate at least part of what went on at Mena.

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Within seconds, the cargo sitting on the remote grass landing strip was retrieved by Seal and loaded onto a helicopter that had followed the low-flying aircraft. Tittleentered the game against Arkansas with a 9—1 record.

This was the third and final time that the goal posts came down in Death Valley. He had dictated his own epitaph for his grave in Baton Rouge: However, on July 23,Jindal said that he would not be the Republican vice presidential nominee in The field now ripples with breeze in the young sugar cane.

She and I head to the place where this deluge of information revealed Cornelius Hawkins was buried. New coach John P. He died at age 70 in White has name as 'Isabelle' while Linda Dube records name as 'Elizabeth'. The crimes of Mena were real. This date is not agreed upon by other researchers e.

Welch testified later that the only reason he was ultimately subpoenaed at all was because one of the grand jurors was from Mena and "told the others that if they wanted to know something about the Mena airport, they ought to ask that guy [Welch] out there in the hall.

The system worked, as the team won the school's first claimed national championshipbeating No. Jindal assumed the position of governor when he took the oath of office on January 14, Name Availability Corporate, limited liability company, trade names, trademarks and service marks must be checked for availability.

Therefore, his date deceased is after 17 Oct More information on the bill is here. On the basis of the Seal documents copies of which are being given to the Whitewater special prosecutor in any casethe president should ask immediately for a full report on the matter from the C.The LSU College of Art & Design is proud to congratulate this year’s Forty Under 40 honorees named by the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report.

The Baton Rouge Business report used comments from a defense counsel in the same litigation to imply lawyer Donna Grodner had done something illegal capturing the inside job on tape while not commenting on the propriety of the ex parte communication.

I would like to receive Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. I would like to receive Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. 1 Year (26 issues) for $59 ($ per issue) Save $ - 17% off the cover price; 2 Years (52 issues) for $99 ($ per issue) Save $ - 31% off the cover price. Ogeechee Technical College recently hosted Business After Hours at the College’s Evans Technical Education Complex in Hagan.

Held in the Jack and Muriel Strickland Building, the Ogeechee Technical College Foundation sponsored the event. News Archives. GBR SHRM Awards Outstanding HR Professional of the Year. December 8, GBR SHRM Awards Scholarships GBR SHRM Receives EXCEL Platinum Award.

March 16, GBR SHRM and Baton Rouge Business Report team up for Best Places to Work Awards! January 8, Search. Within. Subscribe to the News RSS Feed. News Archives. On March 29,the new Ascension Parish Government Complex was featured in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report.

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