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The titles of fellow-citizen and countryman, unopposed to those of alien and foreigner, to which they refer, would fall into disuse, and lose their meaning.

An Essay on the History of Civil Society, Eighth Edition by Adam Ferguson, L.L.D.

They had a personal elevation founded on the sense of equality, not of precedence. Their mutual reproaches of perfidy and injustice, like the Hottentot depredations, are but symptoms of an animosity, and the language of a hostile disposition, aleady conceived.

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We consider affection and courage as mere follies, that lead us to neglect or expose ourselves; we make wisdom consist in a regard to our interest; and without explaining what interest means, we would have it understood as the only reasonable motive of action with mankind.

Of those systems which deduce the principle of Approbation from Self-love. Men are so far from valuing society on account of its mere external conveniencies, that they are commonly most attached where those conveniencies Edition: Vehement passions of animosity or attachment are the first exertions of vigour in his breast; under their influence, every consideration, but that of his object, is forgotten; dangers and difficulties only excite him the more.

The sense of a common danger, and the assaults of an enemy, have been frequently useful to nations, by uniting their members more firmly together, and by preventing the secessions Civil edition eighth essay history society actual separations in which their civil discord might otherwise terminate.

Success was a big part of the Civil Rights They are made, like the parts of an engine, to concur to a purpose, without any concert of their own: Many mechanical arts, indeed, require no capacity; they succeed best under a total suppression of sentiment and reason; and ignorance is the mother of industry as well as of superstition.

He must look for it in the best conceptions of his understanding, in the best movements of his heart; he must thence discover what is the perfection and the happiness of which he is capable.

An Essay On the History of Civil Society, Eighth Edition

The pacific citizen had little concern in the quarrels of sovereigns; the violence of the soldier was restrained by discipline. Thus, in treating of human affairs, we would draw every consequence from a principle of union, or a principle of dissension. He was himself a soldier—so he sees martial valour as the paradigm of all valour.

Long simmering sectional tensions reached a critical stage in when eleven The enjoyment of peace, however, and the prospect of being able to exchange one commodity for another, turns, by degrees, the hunter and the warrior into a tradesman and a merchant. Many attempts have been made to analyse the dispositions which we have now enumerated; but one purpose of science, perhaps the most important, is served, when the existence of a disposition is established.

He censured so loudly what others had done, and talked so big of what might be performed, that he was sent out at last to make good his words, and to curry the enemy instead of his leather.

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Joined to the powers of deliberation and reason, it constitutes the basis of a moral nature; and, whilst it dictates the terms of praise and of blame, serves to class our fellow-creatures, by the most admirable and engaging, or the most odious and contemptible, denominations.

If victorious, he is made to rise above nature as much in his generosity and gentleness, as in his military prowess and valour. The same, 9 vols. The poet, the historian, and the moralist frequently allude to this ancient time; and under the emblems of gold, or of iron, represent a condition, and a manner of life, from which mankind have either degenerated, or on which they have greatly improved.

Rome itself was founded by a small party, which took its flight from Alba; her citizens were often in danger of separating; and if the villages and cantons of the Volsci had been further removed from the scene of their dissensions, the Mons Sacer might have received a new colony before the mother-country was ripe for such a discharge.

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And it must be confessed, that popular assemblies, when composed of men whose dispositions are sordid, and whose ordinary applications are illiberal, however they may be intrusted with the choice of their masters and leaders, are certainly, in their own persons, unfit to command.

Reputation for parts in any scene is equivocal, till we know by what kind of exertion that reputation is gained. Acknowledged defects are to man in every condition matter of dislike.

Readers of Hannah Arendt will find much that is familiar in this book—as one other Goodreads reviewer has noted.

When this was the issue of war, it was no wonder that battles were fought with desperation, and that every fortress was defended to the last extremity.

Cadell, in the Strand; and W. In the promiscuous concourse of men, it is sufficient that we have an opportunity of selecting our company. Their ardent attachment to their country; their contempt of suffering, and of death, in its cause; their manly apprehensions of personal independence, which rendered every individual, even under tottering establishments and imperfect laws, the guardian of freedom to his fellow citizens; their activity of mind; in short, their penetration, the ability of their conduct, and force of their spirit, have gained them the first rank among nations.

Athens, in the height of her ambition, and of her glory, received a fatal wound, in striving to extend her maritime power beyond the Grecian seas. Of those systems which make Virtue consist in prudence.

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They find no place for caprice or singular humours.PDF An Essay On The History Of Civil Society Eighth Edition An Essay On The History Of Civil Society Eighth Edition.

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