Four learning patterns sequence precision technical reasoning confluence

Carefully review Worksheet 4. Therefore, if you happen to be one of such students, then you need our writing services. In the cooperative group project, he took pride in constructing a bridge.

It is not all lost by failing 1 or 2 papers. He got great feedback from the group, too. There were also times where I built a model or used illustrations to help me remember certain processes or facts.

This helps the reader quickly identify each section and helps you know that you have covered all of the requirements for this post. Critically read Chapter 3 and view the video Intentional learning for college success — Chapter 3 critical reading. Analyze the benefits of your unique combination of Learning Patterns by identifying strategies specific to each Learning Pattern that you used to complete readings, discussions, assignments, and quizzes in this course.

The Let Me Learn Process Whatever schools provide, whatever teachers do, in the end, it is the student who must use the resources to acquire skills and knowledge Levin It was so much fun!

I tend to create a lot of simulating situations considering that economics is a social subject which needs to be understood through hands on applications.

The kids took a liking to them as soon as they saw them. Think about it from a growth mindset and explain how you would make this change. Now I issue no more quick directions, no more admonitions to "stop asking so many questions," and no more criticism of the student who wants to work alone.

EXP 105 Entire Course

The primary goal of your last assignment is to reflect on what you have learned about yourself as a learner as a result of this class and how you will use this knowledge to succeed in future courses.

I am the person in the group who enjoys the brainstorming sessions, but just don't ask me to take notes! When doing several activities and tasks to reach the different learning patterns I notice that all the students are interested in the lesson and all of them participate in class. His LCI scores indicated he avoided sequence and relied on technical reasoning.

Other students are done with the task before she even starts. Your initial post should contain a minimum of words. I would rather build a project than read or write about a subject.

Between one lesson and another, we always discuss which puppet should come out next. His teacher reacted by saying: Use Respond to Peers to assist you with your reply. What steps could you take to help growth mindset thinking overcome your fixed mindset?

EXP 105 Chapter 4 Test

Is the basis for neuro-linguistic programming. In order to be an intentional learner, you need to recognize the powerful role your learning processes play and how to control and direct them before they control you.

This means that I learn by doing and creating new things. I was introduced to the four learning patterns and I immediately began to comprehend myself better as a person and as a learner. Decode the tasks or responsibilities that you listed and note which Learning Patterns were required to successfully complete them.

LML has equipped me with skills needed to make conscious efforts to esteem and to mentor different members of staff and students I relate with. For example, sometimes I give essays as homework, where students that look for Precision will do well in them but sometimes students have to build a model or present a chart and they are assessed for creativity, research and the information given by them.

I believe that it is okay to fail and make mistakes as long as you learn from them. The affective mental process confirms for the learner the sense of "I can do the assignment" and "I can succeed!

Learning Patterns in Action

When doing several activities and tasks to reach the different learning patterns I notice that all the students are interested in the lesson and all of them participate in class.

A successful job search involves planning and persistence. I was able to understand better my work relationships with other members of the Senior Management Team.

This means that the four learning patterns exist in all of us to some degree.Of the four learning patterns, "Technical Reasoning" is primarily involved with problem solving. Technical reasoning or logical reasoning refers to the learning pattern that uses rational and systematic series of.

Sep 20,  · Need Help on Law Homework As you read in Chapter 4 sectionthe centerpiece of the rehearsal phase of metacognition is the strategy card.

Law Assignment-Critical Reading, Writing, and Your Learning Patterns

After decoding tasks and strategizing how to FIT your Learning Patterns to the task, you can use your knowledge of your Learning Patterns to develop personal strategies to direct your efforts. For each Learning Pattern (Sequence, Precision, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence), write a paragraph of four to five sentences describing your thoughts, feelings, and.

report instrument that characterizes a student’s combination of learning preferences with respect to four distinct (discrete) learning patterns.

EXP 105 Chapter 3 Test

studies validating the lCi as an instrument are summarized. the four patterns are: sequence, precision, technical reasoning, and confluence. l Sequence. The PRECISION pattern uses the most words whereas the TECHNICAL REASONING pattern uses the fewest words.

There are four learning patterns, precision and technical reasoning is two of them, the other two are sequence and confluence.

Student Answer: Sequence Precision Technical Reasoning Confluence Instructor Explanation: The answer can be found in Section What Is Critical Writing?

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under the heading Using Your Learning Patterns to Master Critical Writing, in Intentional Learning for College Success Points Received: 1 of 1 Comments: Question %(44).

Four learning patterns sequence precision technical reasoning confluence
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