Reasons for the spratly island disputes essay

By controlling these islands, the country in question would be able to ensure the safe passage of their goods.

In the wake of the continuing Spratly Island disputes between China and Vietnam among othersmany still wonder why these small group of islands are so important?

Some of these amphibious assault exercises were held in Palawan which lies near the Spratlys.

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Instead, the US limited itself in continuously supporting the Philippine defense programs with military and intelligence aid and training, and a variety of diplomatic measures aimed at sending a "strong message" to Beijing. Map showing oil and lead fields in Reed Bank Today, Malampaya oil platform is the only operational oil platform in the Philippines.

The island has a white beach; trees and birds are abundant. For example, this can most recently illustrated by the agreement signed by Vietnam and China October 1 1, to hold biannual talks on border disputes and establish an emergency hotline for the South China Sea.

Cities and municipalities in the Philippines are divided into smaller political units called barangays. This means that ships are allowed to get within 12 nautical miles from the coast of a country, as long as they are not a threat to the national security of that country.

Actually, one naval vessel, the BRP Benguet, attempted to dock near the island in but it was damaged and went aground. In terms of national security, these islands are important due to their location in the South China Sea, where many merchant ships pass through to deliver goods, people, and energy products to Asian-Pacific countries.

If they are not connected, ships have a right of transit passage. Ngo 6 Comments As recently as yesterday, the Spratly Islands disputes were again highlighted in the international media.

These countries have a long sea-faring history, however, it has been tremendously difficult to say which country first inhabited or used these islands. The bill has just passed its second reading and the third and final reading is not yet started. These islands are reportedly rich in gas, oil and other mineral deposits.

Thus far, the only approach taken to pacify this conflict has been bilateral agreements. The soldiers themselves believe that they will never be able to protect the islands if other countries will try to attack them.

Because the two islands are near to each other, they are managed as a single division.

The Philippines and China: The West Philippine Sea dispute

In Marchtwo Chinese vessels chased off the Veritas Voyager, a survey ship hired by Forum Energy—a UK-based company with a portfolio of projects in the Philippines. Balikatan exercises[ edit ] US and Filipino soldiers on a joint amphibious assault exercise last in Palawan, only a few miles east of the Spratly Islands.

Whichever country wins the dispute would have the right to explore and develop these resources for their own domestic consumption. After higher-ups of the Philippines were informed about the situation, they instructed the troops based in Parola and Pagasa to stay on red alert status.

This would not only establish a mutual foundation of understanding, but also send a message to the countries involved that there is a willingness to compromise and work together.Philippines and the Spratly Islands – this article discusses the policies, activities and history of the Republic of the Philippines in the Spratly Islands from the Philippine perspective.

Non-Filipino viewpoints regarding Philippine occupation of several islands are currently not included in this palmolive2day.comon: Southwest Cay.

Philippines and the Spratly Islands

Jul 11,  · Six nations – China and five ASEAN countries, including the Philippines – have conflicting territorial and maritime claims on the South China Sea. Justice Antonio Carpio, in h.

The Spratly Islands are important for a number of reasons: the Spratly area holds significant reserves of oil and natural gas, it is a productive area for world fishing and commercial shipping, and coastal countries would get an extended continental shelf.

Introduction The Spratly Island The Spratly Islands are a group of more than reefs,[2] islets, atolls, cays and islands in the South China Sea. The archipelago lies off the coasts of the Philippines and Malaysia (Sabah), about one third of the way from there to southern Vietnam.

The main reason for the conflict within the Spratly islands lies in the territorial disputes and quarrels among the different countries. Natural resources include fish, guano, undetermined oil and natural gas potential.

There are mainly 2 reasons for disputes to occur in these islands mainly. 1. Conclusion About Spratly Island Essay. B. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay Regional nation-states not directly involved in the Spratly disputes became concerned about regional stability and established a regional forum to discuss the peaceful resolution of the disputes.

Reasons for the Spratly Island.

Reasons for the spratly island disputes essay
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